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The betting continues in this way until the last surviving Teen Patti player wins all the money in the pot, irrespective of the cards held. OR All but two players have folded and one of these players at their turn pays for a show. In a show, both players cards are exposed, and the player whose hand is higher ranking wins the pot.

Show Rules


Teen Patti Player Type





1 X Current Stake.

Regardless of whether the other player is blind or seen.

The blind player does not see his own cards until after he has paid for the show.




4 X Current Stake

Typically a Seen player cannot request a show.


Boat Seen

2 X Current Stake


For a situation where both hands are equal, the player who did not pay for the show wins the pot.

Side Show

If all the players are seen, then at ones turn, immediately after betting the minimum amount of twice the current stake, the player can ask the player who bet immediately before him for a side show. That player can accept or refuse the request or compromise.

  Scenario Outcome  

The two players privately compare their cards. The player with the lower ranking cards must immediately fold.

If they are equal, the player who asked for the compromise must fold.


If the compromise is refused, the betting continues as usual with the player after the one who asked for the compromise



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